UA Board of Regents Meeting

Today was the University of Arizona Board of Regents meeting. Dennis Deconcini sits on this board as well as the Corrections Corporation of America (CCA), the nation’s largest private prison company. There was a call to the audience at the start of this meeting and plans were made to call on Deconcini to step down from the CCA board as it directly contributes to the school to prison pipeline in Arizona.

Although 10-20 people showed up to speak to this issue, just prior to the call to the audience they were approached and told that only one person would be allowed to speak on this topic and only for 3 minutes so a spokesperson must be chosen.  In addition, the length of the call to the audience was shortened from 30min to 15min.

I had to leave prior to the end of the meeting but here are some images from the time I was there.

Full Set: