Find the Money and Stop School Closures

A protest was held today at the TUSD board meeting to denounce the closing of 10 schools, all of which have majority minority populations. Many people showed up to speak at the call to the audience, a long line outside the building was formed.  However, even by 6:30, when the call was scheduled to begin, they would not let anyone in.  The reason given was related to violating fire code.  There were also no speaker system set up for those who couldn’t be inside to hear the proceedings.  ”We didn’t expect this many people,” the board said.  It is curious however, that despite the fact that they didn’t expect a lot of people, there were barricades and cones set up from the very beginning. 

I wasn’t able to see the call to the audience, here are my photos from outside.

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The TUSD board has stressed that there is a $17 million dollar deficit that is limiting their sources to fund their schools and that there is nothing that can be done. These school closures are occurring where public education is needed most. Therefore, we ask community members to come together for this event to demand that the board does more with their power and “Find the Money and Stop School Closures.”

Though the decision to close down schools has been made, it’s not too late to overturn there decision; the board has from now till the start of the new school year to stop such an injustice. More importantly, the closure of 11 schools should not be allowed, especially in silence.

Over the years, the TUSD board has continuously failed the community, by undermining decisions that helped the welfare of students and all people in their district. Its time to act, our children have the right to education. Please join us in saving our children’s futures.