T.U.S.D. Board Meeting (closing schools, rowdiness, etc.)

Tonight’s board meeting got ‘a little rowdy’. There was a short call to the audience.  The banned books were mentioned and Pedicone denied this happening. Around the middle of the meeting, the banners were brought out outside of the building.  Chanting ensued.  Eventually the whole crowd encroached upon the gated entrance and let their voice be heard. 

Toward the end of the meeting, Michael Hicks got bored, left the meeting and came outside.  He sat on the railing and began openly taunting the crowd under police protection. After much ridicule, he went back to the meeting. 

At this point I was not allowed to go inside to take pictures. The barricades were doubled up and the police refused to let anyone into the open meeting which is by law open to the public.  The reason, we were too rowdy.  Eventually, the supervisor came out and allowed one person at a time in.  Here are the pictures I got.

FULL SET: http://chrissummitt.com/blog/protestaz/boardmtg_7_2_12/