Protesting Arizona

Oct 11

Blocking the Deportation Bus

Peaceful protesters blockade deportation bus carrying people to unjust operation streamline.

This morning a group of immigrant rights activists laid their bodies on the line, literally, in order to prevent a bus filled with people headed for operation streamline to reach its destination.  Shortly after the buses were stopped, many supporters arrived with banners, and megaphones. There were volunteers from the phoenix urban Health collective preparing milk of magnesia in case of pepper spray and folks bring pillows for those chained to the buses.  Shortly before I left Police were preventing any media to enter the area. More border patrol and police cars were coming as time went on. I saw about 10 by the time I left. Here are my images of what happened until about 9am.


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Jul 16

Not One More! Fast

As the House of Representatives proceeds to discuss the Comprehensive Immigration Reform Bill (CIR) and moves forward with militarization policies that will continue to harm border communities, several members of our community will begin a fast from Tuesday July 16th through Saturday July 20th in Tucson, Arizona. The Protection Network Coalition’s goal is to highlight how the immigration raids and deportations continue to separate families across the country

I will be out of town this week so I won’t be able to photograph the fasting but I was able to photograph the press conference for the first day.  For more information see the facebook page:

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Apr 29

More Protesting at ASDB

Another protest was held today at ASDB.  Teachers and Staff came out to show their support of the students.  Tomorrow there will be a special board meeting in Phoenix.

More information surrounding this issue can be found on this facebook page or this website: 

Full Set of photos here:


Apr 20

Protest at ASDB

Students at the Arizona School for the Deaf and Blind (ASDB) have been protesting since Thursday (4/18/13).  The current superintendent Robert Hill has fired teacher Richard Layton and executive director Nancy Amann with no reason given.  In addition, a well loved agricultural program was terminated.  Superintendent Hill refuses to hear from the students or give any explanation of his actions.  Two regularly scheduled board meetings which provide a forum for student voice have been cancelled. A letter from the students asking Hill to step down was sent but with no response.   

Students in Tucson are being regularly required to speak out against the  horrible decisions of their administration. If it’s not TUSD, it’s somewhere else. Who are these ridiculous people and how did they get to be in charge? I don’t know but I will continue to take photos to document what’s happening and share it with everyone because you and I both know that we can’t always count on the mainstream media…..

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My photos from today are below.

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Apr 18

I need some help

I gladly photograph for the community and put my work here for all to see for free because I want more truth out there than is offered by the local (or national) news.  I want to continue to do this work.  I am in the process of upgrading my equipment and need some help.  I am a student at the UA and live on student wages so I can’t afford it all by myself, but with your help…. 

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Apr 10

Find the Money and Stop School Closures

A protest was held today at the TUSD board meeting to denounce the closing of 10 schools, all of which have majority minority populations. Many people showed up to speak at the call to the audience, a long line outside the building was formed.  However, even by 6:30, when the call was scheduled to begin, they would not let anyone in.  The reason given was related to violating fire code.  There were also no speaker system set up for those who couldn’t be inside to hear the proceedings.  ”We didn’t expect this many people,” the board said.  It is curious however, that despite the fact that they didn’t expect a lot of people, there were barricades and cones set up from the very beginning. 

I wasn’t able to see the call to the audience, here are my photos from outside.

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The TUSD board has stressed that there is a $17 million dollar deficit that is limiting their sources to fund their schools and that there is nothing that can be done. These school closures are occurring where public education is needed most. Therefore, we ask community members to come together for this event to demand that the board does more with their power and “Find the Money and Stop School Closures.”

Though the decision to close down schools has been made, it’s not too late to overturn there decision; the board has from now till the start of the new school year to stop such an injustice. More importantly, the closure of 11 schools should not be allowed, especially in silence.

Over the years, the TUSD board has continuously failed the community, by undermining decisions that helped the welfare of students and all people in their district. Its time to act, our children have the right to education. Please join us in saving our children’s futures.

Mar 18

March for Justice and Dignity

Today a march was held to call for the end to deportations and to demand political and economic quality.  It was an unsanctioned march that started at Southside Presbyterian Church and ended at the Tucson Police Department on Stone. At the end point there were speeches and an act of civil disobedience. 

I took a lot of photos and it was quite difficult to narrow it down, the best I could do was about 150.  I KNOW it’s a lot but I assure you, every pic is worth it!

Full Set:


As local police call Border Patrol, separating and deporting families, a national debate on Immigration Reform continues to grow. Over 1.5 million mothers, fathers, youth, day laborers, domestic workers, janitors, gardeners, cooks, and farmworkers, have been deported since 2009. 

• Stop the Deportations!
• Collaboration between local police and Border Patrol separates families!
• We want united communities!
• No to the militarization of the border!
• We need an Immigration Reform that includes all 11 million people!

Mar 08

Malintzine hosts Andrea Smith and Launch Party

Today Malintzine ( hosted a community forum at JVYC with Andrea Smith, author and co-founder of INCITE! There was a substantial showing at the forum and a constructive discussion of accountability and what it looks like in the community was held.  The pics from the event are here:


Following the forum, a Launch party was held to celebrate the printing of the first issue of the paper version of the Malintzine blog. My full coverage of the event can be seen here:




 Malintzine is a community made up of radical mujeres, some of color and some queer, based in Tucson, Arizona. We are mothers, daughters, sisters, tias, lovers, partners, and friends, determined to document the experiences, narratives, and knowledge of those who dwell in society’s margins. We welcome submissions from all of you who have gained knowledge from the school of hard knocks: from living life as a person of color, a person with a disability, one who challenges heteropatriarchy and embraces queer culture, or from coming into your own female empowerment. We want to hear from everyone whose skin tones, body shape or size and language become the justification for social marginality and rejection, and from those who don’t have material or monetary privilege. Some of our most beloved comadres are men, carving out an alternative, anti-patriarchal masculinity; you might hear from them on our blog too.

Feb 26

Hear Us, See US

A silent protest rally for justice was held today on the University of Arizona Mall.  Today marks the one year anniversary of the death of Trayvon Martin.  There were some speakers followed by a moment of silence.

Full set:


Feb 19

End Operation Streamline Protest

Today, the End Streamline Coalition held a press conference in front of the federal courthouse to call for an end to the federal district court program known as Operation Streamline. There was a pretty good showing of people with signs and excellent speakers ( Marcelo Ruiz, Isabel Garcia (Derechos Humanos), Caroline Isaacs (AFSC), Andy Silverman, and community faith leaders) speaking out against the program.  There was also a street theater performance mocking the streamline process.


From the facebook event page: 

Every day as part of Operation Streamline, at least 70 migrant men and women are collectively processed and given criminal sentences prior to their deportation. Most, if not all of these migrants are sent to private prisons where companies profit handsomely from their incarceration. In 2011, contracts with Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) accounted for 20 and 14 percent of revenue for CCA and GEO Group, respectively.

As discussion of Comprehensive Immigration Reform mounts in Congress, Senator McCain and the “gang of eight” have proposed an expansion of Operation Streamline and other federal felony prosecutions of people crossing the Mexican border looking for work or to reunite with family.

For many who have witnessed a Streamline hearing, the mere image of men and women shackled at the wrist, belly, and ankles being collectively herded through the legal process is enough to shock the conscience. Streamline raises serious and troubling questions about constitutionally protected due process, the growth of private prisons, the deepening criminalization of migrants and the exploding costs of contemporary immigration enforcement.

Full Set of PIctures here:

(I know it’s kind of large but I couldn’t let them go, it was hard enough to narrow it down this much…)